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Sitting Pretty Gallery Review

Saturday, September 24th, Gallery 10G was visited by The Contemporaries- a NY based group created to give the 21 - 40 year-old crowd a voice within contemporary art. The Contemporaries mission is to expand the interest in and support of fine art and provide an atmosphere for young professionals to socialize and foster cultural growth.

Founded by a group of art loving Harvard Business School classmates, The
Contemporaries draws together young, philanthropic professionals who share an
interest in art. This cosmopolitan group offers its Members the opportunity to meet and connect with other men and women interested in the visual arts.

For more about this group visit

Collecting, Cocktails, &
Conversation: Gallery 10G

Members of The Contemporaries gathered at Gallery
10G, a hip little gallery built into the home of young
collector and art dealer Jill Fortunoff, for an afternoon
of collecting, cocktails, and conversation. Fortunoff
exhibited her current show Sitting Pretty and shared
with us her experience as a young collector. Two of
the featured artists were on hand to explain their work
and discuss their creative process.

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