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Organized Chaos

Jill Fortunoff is pleased to announce the opening of Organized Chaos, an exhibition of color photographs by Marisa Baumgartner and Jordan Kleinman. The show will be open through March, 2005.

In her recent series, Visible Cities, Marisa Baumgartner challenges traditional ideas about photography and representation. The title of this work is inspired by a book of short stories by the Italian novelist Italo Calvino, in which he creates life in and around nonexistent fantastic cities. Marisa plays off this idea by creating a new context in which to view the actual world in which we live. Photographing the cities she lives in, each image represents one exposed sheet of film. She then uses the computer as a tool to selectively draw in the sources of light. The photographs remain a document of time and place as the composition is never altered. It is the extraction of most of the known information that creates this visual transformation, forcing us to look at a familiar landscape in a new way. As a result, Marisa’s work creates a dialogue between painting and photography, between the visible and invisible, between fiction and fact.

Jordan Kleinman has an obsession with spilled milk.  His fascination started in 2002 while he was in Colorado. Jordan went around with 20 gallons of milk in his car and decided to explore the random reactions that milk had with different variables such as dirt, slush and pavement.  Jordan’s work started at the most basic level. He liked the way the milk looked as it interacted with the ground’s surface. Later he realized the importance of the process.  Jordan began to photograph the spilled milk, but he would photograph only a very small inch by inch section of the mess he made.  Jordan’s work explores the order that exists within the random and chaotic situations of life.

Marisa Baumgartner is currently pursuing a Master of Fine Arts degree in Photography at Yale University. In June of 2002, she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography from The Rhode Island School of Design. Before attending Yale, Marisa worked as a photo editor for Psychology Today magazine and taught photography classes at the Educational Alliance in New York City.

Jordan Kleinman was born in Denver, Colorado and is currently an undergraduate student at New York School of Visual Arts.  He has been in group shows including The Art and Commerce Festival of Emerging Photographers and the Museum of Photographic Arts, Japan.  He also had a solo exhibit at The Photographers Gallery, Denver, CO.

For more information, please contact Jill Fortunoff at 212.838.4508

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