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Still Life PR

Still Life
On View By Appointment

Jill Fortunoff is pleased to announce the opening of Still Life, an inaugural group show of Contemporary Photography on view at Gallery 10G.

Still Life is comprised of a large variety of color photographs by five young up-and-coming artists who live and work in New York.  These five artists explore themes of human nature, the built environment and the realities of our time. These contemporary themes are depicted in subtle yet dramatic ways, capturing the true essence of time, when the moment is fleeting and when life is still.  Each photograph, whether of a landscape, architectural structure, or a picture of everyday objects and events, reflects upon who we are and what we have become.  These five artists have the uncanny ability to transform ordinary moments into extraordinary images.

Peter Rad’s Prayer Meet In Peekskill is a powerfully quiet exploration of the energies created when religion and cultures clash with an individual’s life choices.  Peter’s work expresses these themes through a contemporary style of photographic documentation and staging, with the resulting images referring (indirectly) to classical religious tableaux. 
Kevin Cooley’s photographs represent the ideal relationship between space, light and shadow.  In his latest series, entitled Bateaux Mouches, Kevin uses the surreal light from a tourist boat passing down the river Seine to illuminate his subject matter, the scenery of Paris’ streets.  Kevin records the exact moment when the light and the night coincide - the ideal moment in time when everything appears to be symbiotic in nature.

David S. Allee prefers to shoot his subjects from unusual vantage points in order to evoke a unique interpretation of architecture and the environment. In Stadium Lights, for example, David photographs from a bowling alley rooftop that looks across the Number 4 subway tracks and directly into Yankee Stadium.  David has revealed the ironic element of solitude and isolation in a site we would normally assume to be loud and boisterous.  In his own way, David explores the ambiguity of daily life.

Ofer Wolberger explores contemporary American life presented in an epic scale. 
His photographs reveal everyday scenes and environments that resemble constructed
realities such as Homes, Las Vegas.  The landscapes and environments that Ofer photographs are man-made yet they appear barren and neglected. They seem to be both absurd as well as unexpectedly beautiful. 

Michelle Cheikin uses everyday objects to express her innermost feelings. For example, she depicts her own stuffed animal, papers and junk to create a contemporary still life as seen in In the Corner.  Michelle’s photographs portray to her audience a little bit about herself by giving us clues as to the interior of her world, her likes and dislikes.

For more information, please contact Jill Fortunoff at 212.838.4508

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