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Journeymen- Paintings by Natasha Kissell PR

Press Release
Journeymen” featuring paintings by Natasha Kissell
Preview: Thursday, October 12th 6:30-9:30pm

Gallery 10G is pleased to announce the opening of “Journeymen” a solo show of new paintings by emerging British artist, Natasha Kissell. This will be Kissell’s first solo show in the US. She will be in attendance for the opening.

For this show, Kissell was inspired by the works of the Bauhaus school where the tutors were called Masters and the students were called Journeymen. In her own way, Kissell was also learning from the masters of the Bauhaus not just in their use of modernist architecture, but also in their ideals and philosophy.  Kissell uses the landscape to trigger memories and associations in her oil paintings. Her style of juxtaposing modernist architecture within the landscape becomes a way of re-inventing the Landscape Tradition, infusing it with a new momentum, re-claiming what has been discarded.

Along with spectacular modernist buildings and furniture, Kissell’s paintings depict magical worlds that exist on another plain from reality.  She depicts a double utopia where there are not only beautiful buildings but also a picturesque landscape that the buildings are miraculously transported to, as if in a dream world. Unlike the early modernists who in a sense tried to expel the shadows by creating glass filled houses, Kissell explores how shadows can enhance our world and need not be feared as seen in her paintings titled, Wolf Shadow & Veil of Mist.

Kissell grew up in South Africa in an award winning modernist house which has influenced her love of modernist architecture. Leaving South Africa in 1986 due to political unrest and worsening violence, she came to study under Paula Rego at the Byam Shaw.  There she was influenced by Rego’s surreal juxtapositions, and by Christopher Le Brun, at the Royal Academy Schools, taking on his Neo-Romanticism. Her almost collage-like method of constructing her paintings, playing with perspective and creating a sense of unreal and impossible views, is based on her study of medieval Sienese painting and the works of Brueghel while she was a student at the Royal Academy.

Natasha Kissell is 28 and she lives and works in London, England. She received a BA in Fine Art from Byam Shaw School of Art in 2000 and a Post-Graduate degree from Royal Academy Schools, London in 2003. Her work has recently been added to the collections of, amongst others, Charles Saatchi, Michael Ovitz, HSBC, and Knoxville Museum of Art, Tennessee. She has also been short-listed for the Celeste Art Prize 2006, a new award that has been established to promote painting in the UK.

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