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Location, Location, Location
Preview/Opening: Tuesday, June 13th,  6:30-9:00pm & Thursday, June 15th, 6:30-9:30pm

Location, Location, Location is a group show comprised of photographs by four emerging artists.  The works in this show feature architectural photography in its most basic form, although varying themes resonate in each piece.  All over the world there are unique landmarks and architectural structures that are equated with a specific locale.  In these photographs the buildings and architecture are remarkable in their stature and beauty, yet their specific locations are not as apparent or evident.

Kevin Cooley's photography explores the interrelationship of cities, the people who inhabit them and the rivers next to which they are so often constructed. Usually rivers inspire wonder and appreciation as a source of beauty recreation and industry, but from the source of their power to create also comes the potential to destroy. Cooley has traveled all over the world from Paris, where the Nanterre photograph was taken to the frozen St. Laurence in Montreal, Canada, and then New Orleans, LA, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Cooley is now exploring the waterways of New York City where he uses a mixture of natural and artificial light to capture the magical, cinematic atmospheres of these familiar locations.

Ofer Wolberger’s recent photographic work has focused on the exploration of contemporary life as viewed through various landscapes created around the world.  With these photographs he continues to explore the cinematic quality of everyday life. He seeks out opportunities to create loose narratives out of every day events.  Through this exploration he portrays man's complex relationship, both positive and negative, to the natural world, the built environment and the things society leaves behind.

Chloe Cerwinka’s photographs were taken in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, formerly a naval shipbuilding facility and currently an industrial park. Cerwinka attempts to record details or moments that may otherwise go unnoticed in the Navy Yard which encompasses 300 acres and has over 40 buildings in various states of use, dormancy and disrepair. Her works contain a narrative, a memory or a feeling about something that existed before. Some buildings are unused, but appear as if someone has just left, others are used every day, while some are slowly disintegrating.  In a way, her images are a form of documentation and preservation for each site or location in its present state.

Matthew Spiegelman’s photos are only a small example of a much larger project that spans 2002-2005. The images selected for this show are from the Night suite, the second suite in The Cycle Project: Five Allegories on Mourning that he began six months after his mother passed away.  Spiegelman spent a great deal of time not sleeping, driving around the city of Los Angeles where he had grown up, a location he came to know very well. In Wilshire III, La Brea IV & Ventura II, the images depict backlit advertising kiosks devoid of their usual advertising posters. Being that the signs are placed in an architectural setting and designed as hubs of information but are entirely absent of text at this moment makes them stand out monolithically.  Above all, they describe an emptiness that is inherent in this city at night, (and any city for that matter), while also illuminating a psychological state of loneliness that appeared to parallel his own experience. Spiegelman’s photographs from the Night suite, and all of those in the greater Cycle Project are the result of his usage of photography as a tool for coping.  

Kevin Cooley received a MFA from The School of Visual Arts, New York, NY in 2001. Cooley currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. Ofer Wolberger received a MFA from the School of Visual Arts in 2001.  Wolberger currently lives and works in New York City, NY. Chloe Cerwinka received a BA from University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA in 2000. She also attended Bartlett School, University College of London, England where she studied Architecture in 1998-1999. Cerwinka is applying to graduate school in Fall, 2006. Matthew Spiegelman received a BA in Photography, from Bard College in 1997. Spiegelman currently lives and works between New York City & Los Angeles, CA.

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